Sunday, 1 August 2010


There are some days that we need more motivation than usual. I am in one of those days. Tomorrow is Monday and mondays have always been tough for me. But somehow, I always manage to get through them succesfully. The hardest part of the day is just getting up! but once you are out of bed you have a whole new day and a new beginning in front of you... so... we should only have to take advantage of it.

I have been thinking of which word/phrase could be my motivational word/phrase of the day....Sigh... I need something that give me some magical effect...

So, I decided to review my marketing notes and I read again Linchpin Manifesto.There are many powerful words there and for today I will just focus on three:

1. The past is gone. It has no power.

2. The future depends on choices I make now.

3. I make it happen. Every day.

I make it happen... Monday is waiting... I have an awesome week in front of me.

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rennschnecke said...

Motivation -
not easy !!
i take little sayings ( in German )
listen to
sum 41 still waiting ;-)

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