Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Linchpin Manifesto...

Make click in the picture to make it bigger!

and Read it carefully!

It has been a long time since I read such powerful and inspirational speech. The Linchpin Manifesto publised by Seth Godin...

I bumped into it surfing in the website and since I read the firts sentence, I knew that this was something BIG!

I love these words.. these concepts... all the ideas linked, together... POWERFUL...

According to Collins Dictionary, a Linchpin refers to a person or thing of something, that are the most important person or thing involved in it. A Linchpin is someone or something indispensable, difficult to be replaced... but beyond this, the characteristic that are detailed in the manifesto are signs of greatness....

I want to be a Linchpin girl :)

1 comment:

die rennschnecke träumt said...

i think you are in your own way
such a Linchpin girl .
in German we would say
"Ein Fels in der Brandung "
(rock in the surf )
that means about that Linchpin
Manifeato !!

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