Sunday, 2 May 2010

One year more of life !

So... It is my birthday again....

I do not like to celebrate my birthdays.
However, fortunatelly, there are always people in the world who want to celebrate it for me :)
There are always family and friends that make a good day turn into a great day!
Thanks to my friends and my family to turn my B-day
into G-day! G - of GREAT!
One year more of life...
one year more of happines,
health, friend, family, love, success,
wishes and dreams come true....
I am already working to make it happen :)
PS, Pink candle means pink attitude! Pink is powerful :)


rennschnecke said...

ohhhh Happy Birthday !!
i celebrate for you !! o.k.
and always "think pink " ;-)

Ricardo Miranda said...

¡Espero que la hayas pasado bien!

Me pasa lo mismo: la gente alrededor siempre se entusiasma más de lo que yo lo hago.

Saludos desde Sgo.

Eugenia said...

Thanks a lot rennschnecke!

Eugenia said...

Hola Ricardo,
Gracias por visitar el blog y dejar tu mensaje..
La verdad que esta bueno estar rodeado de este tipo de personas. Gracias a Dios, existen!!! :) Besos! //// Hi Ricardo, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. The truth is that is really good to be surrounded of this type of people. Thanks God, they exist!! Regards!!!

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