Friday, 24 September 2010

You´ve got a comment!

Some time ago, there was a movie called “You´ve got an email”, starred by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, that I liked a lot. This movie was launched when Internet was not completely expanded yet. At that time, not many people had internet at their homes. But the possibility that Aol, Hotmail, ICQ gave us to communicate was revolutionary at that time. YOU´VE GOT AN EMAIL was such a thing that made us happy. Opening my PC and seeing that “I´VE GOT AN EMAIL” meant a big smile in my face.

Nowadays, something similar happens to me. But emails do not surprise me as much as they used to. Today, my big smile appears when I see “ YOU´VE GOT COMMENT”. Someone commented on your blog.

Web 2.0 has dramatically changed the way people communicate. Intenet is almost in every house and people not only have one or two email addresses, but also they have blogs, a twitter accounts and social network access

I have my blog as many people have theirs. I started writing about my trip to Canada and after that I kept on writing about my life, general facts and some of my interests. As a newcomer in this blogging world, it was amazing to realized how many people visit it, share some of my interests and opinions and leave their comments.

“YOU´VE GOT A COMMENT” has become the new version of “ You´ve got an email”
and receiving a feedback from someone who took their time to read and look around what you posted is really valued and excting.

I just want to thanks all of you who sent me your comments, looked around and visited my blog. To those who I know their names and those silent and anonymous visitors, THANKS!
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