Monday, 26 April 2010

Validation ...

Take your time to watch it.

It is worth it!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Tip For Better Life N° 10: Read poems...

Poetry reading could connect your mind with your soul in a special a new way.
Poetry could give you a different perspective of things.
Poems helps you to connect with your feeling and express them.
And sometimes, poetry could be healing and healthy.
Here, just an example:
I already forgave almost unforgivable mistakes,
I tried to substitute irreplaceable people
and to forget unforgettable people.
I already made things for pulse,
I already disappointed myself with people
when I never thought me to disappoint,
but I also disappointed somebody.
I already hugged for protecting,
I already laughed when it was not able to,
I made eternal friends,
I loved and I was loved,
but I was also rejected already,
I was loved and I didn't love.
I already screamed and I jumped of so much happiness,
I already lived of love and I made eternal vows,
I "broke the face" a lot of times!
I already cried hearing music and watching pictures,
already called only for listening a voice,
I fell in love with a smile,
I already thought that will miss so much very much
and I was afraid of losing somebody special
(and i ended up losing!)
But I lived!
It's still alive!
I don't go by the life... and you should not also pass.
Good same it is to go the fight with determination,
to hug the life and to live with passion,
to lose with class and to win with daring,
because the world belongs to who daresand the life is A LOT to be insignificant.
Charles Chaplin.

April has arrived...

I am happy April is here..
Finally it arrived.
Don't ask me why I was so anxious waiting for April...
It is just a deep feeling that...
This will be a a good month.
we just have a hunch.
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