Thursday, 24 September 2009

The people I like... by M. Benedetti.

I like the people that vibrate, that don’t need to be pushed, that you don’t have to tell them to do stuff, because they know what needs to be done and just do it.

I like the people that cultivate their dreams until those dreams take over their own reality.

I like the people that are able to face the consequences of their actions, people that risk what’s true for what’s uncertain to go after a dream, people that allow themselves to run from “sensitive advice” leaving solutions in the hands of our father God.

I like the people that are fair with their own people and themselves, people that are thankful for each new day, the good things existing in their life, people who live every hour with good enthusiasm giving their best, thankful for being alive, for being able to give smiles, for being able to offer their hands and help kindly, waiting for nothing in return.

I like the people that are capable of criticizing me constructively and up front, but without hurting me. People with tact.

I like the people with sense of justice. These are the people I call my friends.

I like the people that acknowledge the importance of joy and preaches about it.

I like the people that with jokes teach us to conceive life with humor.

I like the people that never stop being childish.

I like the people that are sincere and honest, capable of opposing with reasonable arguments to anyone’s decisions.

I like the people that are loyal and persistent, that fight tirelessly for their goals and ideas. I like people with criteria, that are never ashamed of recognizing a mistake or recognizing ignorance about something.

People that, when accepting their mistakes, genuinely make an effort not to make them again.

People that fight against adversities. People that look for solutions. People that think and meditate. People that value their equals not by a social stereotype or how they look. People that don’t judge and don’t let others judge. I like people with personality.

People capable of understanding that humanity’s biggest mistake is to try to get out of their head something that won’t go out of their heart.

Sensitivity, courage, solidarity, kindness, respect, peace, values, joy, humility, faith, happiness, tact, trust, hope, gratitude, wisdom, dreams, regret, and love for others and oneself are fundamental things to be called PEOPLE.

With people like this, I can commit to anything for the rest of my life, because just by having them next to me, I consider myself well rewarded.

Impossible to win without learning to lose.
Impossible to walk without learning to fall.
Impossible to be right without knowing to be wrong.
Impossible to live without knowing to revive.
Glory doesn’t consist in never falling, but in getting up whenever’s necessary.

Blessed are those who have received with the same naturalness winning or losing, right or wrong, triumph and defeat.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

This is what I call...


'No matter what you say or do to me,

neither what you think about me....

Beyond all,

I will always bright'

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