Sunday, 30 November 2008

Taking the subway... Buenos Aires and in Toronto

I like the way in which Subway´s lines give the cities a different shape. It is amazing how all the paths lead to downtown and it is great how they connect and organize the city.

Toronto has 2 main subway lines. The yellow and the green. The yellow connects the city from North to South, and viceversa. From Finch To Union, From Union to Downsview. It looks like a letter "U". On the other side, the green line connects the city from East to West, From Victoria Park to Kipling. There two more subways lines, shorter and more outlying: the purple (Sheppard- Don Mills) and the blue (Kennedy – Scarborought), however, they are not as notoroius as the yellow and the green. So, four lines in the whole. Each subway station has their own bus station too. It is really hard to get lost in Toronto. Things are really easy there.

Toronto´s Subway Map

On the other hand, Buenos Aires demands from you a little more of attention. There are 6 main subway lines here. You can recongnize them by letters or colors. They are: A (sky blue), B (red) , C (navy blue), D (green), E(purple) and H (yellow and under construction).

A, B, D and E connect the city from West to East. On the contrary of Toronto, the downtown in Buenos Aires is loacted at the east and not at south. So, the east is called “the bajo” ( the low part of the city) and it is near the Río de la Plata (River Plate). These four subways lines go from west to east, and if you take a look at the map, we can say that they draw a letter “U”, as well. The others two lines, the navy blue and the yellow, cross the city from south to north. When the yellow is finished, the connection will be better.

Buenos Aires´ Subway Map

Taking the subway in Buenos Aires could be and adventurous experience, specially at the rush hour, but in someway you manage to survive. Lately, I saw many group of tourist taking the line A of the Subway. It has become a tourist attraction because it was the first subway line built in LatinAmerica. It was constructed in 1913 and it has the style of that period of time. I like travelling in the line A because it makes you feel like you are inside the Titanic :)

I like the way in which subway lines help to connect us!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

A bit of Caffeine in my life...


There is a said that I like: “too much caffeine in my life” when something or someone makes you feel so excited, enthusiastic, stimulated and happy that your heart inevitably smiles, waves and you cannot easily sleep after that.

That is why I like “caffeine”.
I like those things that wake me up, that lift me up, that keep me up, that up!

I am not speaking about coffe (actually, I am not a coffe person), neither about chocolate, cafiaspirine or my pepsi light. They might help sometimes, but there is not better caffeine than LOVE in life .

: )


You will never know what Wall-E is about until you watch it. You will be surprise.

There are many messages to extract from this movie. All of them mind awareness and heart warming.

A criticism to our current way of life, to our never-ending consumerism and a big warning to our capacity of produce garbage and pollute the world.

However, the message I like the most above all is that despite everything we are always looking for someone to whom share your life with and walk together in the same direction.

Love is only a fact of holding hands.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Some quick notes about Leadership

A leader is someone who knows him/herself very well and has the ability of proyect it outward. Everything starts with selfknowledge. Who you are, what you want, what you can, what you are capable of, what you wish, what you expect from you, from life, from others....
To proyect it outward you need to communicate, you need to put in words clearly everything you need, want, wish to produce the results you expect to. After communication, action must be taken. A leader is someone who makes changes. Good, positives and useful changes. Comunication and actions are the tools, and these changes, the results. A leader must be a teacher, an enabler, someone who makes things easier. He/She must show the way, draw the path, motivate people to do what they need to do to achieve results. Hightlight that everything is possible. Fill their soul with enthusiasm, passion, will ...Show the example.

Pay It Forward movie.
"Save the world assigment" scene.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

What makes you to spark?

We are a sea of tiny flames... I like so much these summary that I want to post it again.... We are a sea of tiny flames... we bright... we shine in fire...

What makes you to spark?

The world, he revealed, is a heap of people, a sea of tiny flames. Each person shines with his or her own light. No two flames are alike. There are big flames and little flames, flames of every color. Some people’s flames are so still they don’t even flicker in the wind, while others have wild flames that fill the air with sparks. Some foolish flames neither burn nor shed light, but others blaze with life so fiercely that you can’t look at them without blinking and if you approach, you shine in fire. Eduardo Galeano (“The book of embraces, 1989)

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Peace of Mind

Your mind is like this water my friend,
when it is agitated becomes difficult to see,
but if you allow it to settle,
the answer becomes clear.

How can I peace my mind?
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