Tuesday, 29 July 2008

It's not about...

Life is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Job Hunter...

I’m looking for a job now, so I am a “job hunter” or a “job seeker”, in simple words I am unemployed.

It is said that a job is one of the most important thing in life. You need to do what you love and you need to love what you do. However, sometimes it is not easy.

Looking for a job is hard, stressful and demoralizing sometimes. It is very tough to fulfill your “employer’s expectations”. If you are young, they say you don’t have enough experience. But if you have experience, you are old enough. If you got your university degree, they prefer students. But if you are a student, you should finish your career as soon as possible if you want to go up. Sometimes, it is really ironic.

I think that none one should ever forget how they start in the job market. There is always someone that helps you in some way. As a baby who starts to walk, you need a hand to keep you stand up.

Looking for a job is a though task. However, I am ready to start knocking doors. They might open or not, but I will always remember this:

Every “No” you receive brings you closer to that “Yes”

I am ready for the “No” until the “Yes” comes.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Time and... love

When we LOVE something is because it is of value to us

And when something is value to us we spend TIME with it,

TIME enjoying it and TIME taking care of it...*


It's a pitty that sometimes we just don't have TIME... to LOVE :(

*M Scott Peck, Md "The road less traveled".

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The thing I like least about Buenos Aires...

... is the sense of insecurity and the fear of being robbed in every corner...

The thing I like the most about Buenos Aires...

...is walking along Corrientes Avenue with my brother Leo* any winter or summer night.

* the one who puts on his pants in the wrong side and he doesn't care.. hahaha

Monday, 14 July 2008

It's time to fly again...

It is very nice to come back and stay in the nest, the place where you feel safe, loved, protected… However, mum and dad won’t be here forever therefore we have to learn to fly and find our way…

It is time to leave the nest…
It is time to fly again…
It is time to find my way…

From Santiago to Buenos Aires this time...

"My Lion Queen"

Hortensia, the queen of my house.

Yuko, my Japanese friend from York University, used to define me as “the girl of the three Cs”. She used to say that I was a simple person because I love things whose names start with the letter C. I like Cookies, Coke (diet coke) and Cats.

Cats. Many people don’t like cats. However, I believe that the reason why people don’t like cats is because they have never had one. I love cats. They are so smart, bright, independent, free, powerful, warm hearted, caring, affectionate…cute. They know what they want. They treat you as an equal. They don’t have a boss, they just have a partner. They enjoy your company and they look for your company.

There is nothing like having a small feline lying in your laps while it waits to be stroked and starts to purr.

Sunday, 13 July 2008


There are an uncountable numbers of songs in the world. We cannot know everyone; however, there are many of them that are stuck in our hearts. Why? You might wonder. They are stuck in our hearts and minds because they remind us of something special in our life.

There are songs that might remind you of your childhood, or your first day at school. There are others that remind you of your home, your friends, a party, a holiday, someone you love or someone you lost. And every time you listen to a song you can’t help going back to that place or time in which you had a good memory.

Everyone has a song to remember…everyone has a memory for an special song.

Which song reminds you of….?

Pehli Nazar Mein... Upon First Sight

pehli nazar mein kaisa jaadu kar diya
what magic did that first gaze do to me…
tera ban baitha hai mera jiyaa
the magic that made this heart, yours forever…
jaane kya hoga, kya hoga kya pataa
whatever’s gonna happen now, doesn’t matter to me…
iss pal ko mil ke aa jee lein zaraa
let’s celebrate this moment of love, together…
main hun yahaan, tu hai yahaan
here i am now, and here you are…
meri baahon mein aa, aa bhi jaa
come into my arms, oh c’mon…
o jaanejaa, dono jahaan, meri baahon mein aa, bhool ja
oh my dear love, forget this world, by coming into my arms…
o jaanejaa, dono jahaan, meri baahon mein aa, bhool ja

baby i love you
baby i love you

baby i love you
baby i love you, so…

baby i love you
oh, i love you

i love you
i love you so…
baby i love you

har dua mein shaamil tera pyaar hai
you are in each and every prayer of mine…
bin tere lamha bhi dushwaar hai
without you, each moment has no shine…
dhadkanon ko tujhse hi tarkaar hai
with you these heartbeats are on cloud nine…
chhaya suroor hai
there’s only love over here…
kuch to zaroor hai
definitely something in here…

har dua mein shaamil tera pyaar hai
bin tere lamha bhi dushwaar hai
dhadkanon ko tujhse hi tarkaar hai
tujhse hain raahatein
tujhse hain chaahatein

tu jo mili, ik din mujhe
since I met you, one fine day…
main kahin ho gaya laapataa
ever since i was lost in your love….

o jaanejaa, dono jahaan, meri baahon mein aa, bhool ja
o jaanejaa, dono jahaan, meri baahon mein aa, bhool ja

kar diya deewana, dard-e-faasle
each moment apart from you, drove me insane..
chaen chheena ishq ke ehsaas nethis feeling of love, brings some pain…
this feeling of love, brings some pain…

bekhayali di hai teri pyaas ne
my thirst for you, makes my thoughts go plain…
chhaya suroor hai
there’s only love over here…
kuch to zaroor hai
definitely something in here…

kar diya deewana, dard-e-faasle
chaen chheena ishq ke ehsaas ne
bekhayali di hai teri pyaas ne
chhaya suroor hai
kuch to zaroor hai

ye dooriyaan, jeene na dein
the distance between us, won’t let me live now…
haal mera tujhe na pata
for you, please understand my desire…

o jaanejaa, dono jahaan, meri baahon mein aa, bhool ja
o jaanejaa, dono jahaan, meri baahon mein aa, bhool ja

baby i love you
baby i love you

baby i love you
baby i love you, so…

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The best thing of Santiago is the children's eyes..."Son los ojos de los niños"

If there is something that I cannot forget is a poem that I learnt when I was 13 years old at High School. It’s a poem about Santiago and it’s the most beautiful poem I’ve ever read about my city.

The name of the poem is “Son los ojos de los niños” (The children’s eyes). It was written by Blanca Irurzun, a teacher, poet and author from “La Banda”.

I am in Santiago now and everything reminds me of this poem. I remembered that the person who shows me this poem for the first time was my teacher of literature, Soledad. She was a great teacher, although, she made us suffer a lot in every exam. I was in my first year at high school at that time and we study a lot about Santiago and Argentina. Despite the fact that it has been a long time since I learnt that poem, I still keep it on my mind.

If someday you have to be the “ambassador of Santiago” you will have to learn this poem. It sump up all that Santiago is, all that Santiago has and all that it means.

Here is the poem, hope you enjoy it.

Son los ojos de los niños

Tiene mi tierra un cielo
un cielo tan claro y limpio
que hombres de toda tarea,
sabios, poetas, capitanes de navío,
sorprendidos como nunca
a coros, todos han dicho:
que no es justicia prevista
que una tierra pobre y seca
se cubra con el cielo más lindo.
Pero lo mejor de mi tierra
son los ojos de los niños.

Mi tierra tiene un río,
todo un río antojadizo
que si quiere llega al cielo.
Breves ansias de arbolito.
y un salitral tiene
vidrio blanco quebradizo
donde los ojos crean
fantasmas de luz y vidrio.
Pero lo mejor de mi tierra
son los ojos de los niños

Y mi tierra tiene un bosque
gesto verde, verdísimo
con miles de enredaderas
que juegan al escondido
y una llanura tiene
llanura sin infinito…
Que el sol se cansa de andar
por ella, en el día indio.
Pero lo mejor de mi tierra
son los ojos de los niños.

Mi tierra es muy anciana
sus arrugas ya han escrito
en su cara de mujer
cuatrocientos jeroglíficos
y tienen dignas de elogios
las trenzas de las mujeres,
todos los cantos dichos.
La vidala que le duele
a la queja que es quejido
viruta de emoción dulce
que se envuelve en los sentidos.
Pero lo mejor de mi tierra
son los ojos de los niños

Mi tierra tiene rincones
donde los años vividos
sazonan cuentos de "zupay"
y de mil aparecidos.
Tiene leyendas y por qué
para la gracia y el grito.
Pero lo mejor de mi tierra
son los ojos de los niños.

Color cielo, color tierra
color corazón de indio
color silencio sobrado,
color angustia de siglos…
color que le duele al alma
color que nunca se ha visto,
color de niño sufrido
color de color de Cristo…
lo mejor de mi tierra
son los ojos de los niños.

Blanca Irurzun
PS: This poem has been made a song by Horacio Banegas, a folklore singer of Santiago. If you would like to listen to it, you should click in the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDw3V957Gs8

From Toronto to Santiago, the place where everything began...

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“There is no place on earth like my Santiago Querido”. I wrote that once and I write that again. You never have to forget the place where you were born, where you grew up, where you went to school, where you made your first friends and learnt how to see the world and life. You never have to forget your roots and the place where everything began.

Santiago del Estero is my beginning. I was born here one cold may morning twenty six years ago. I didn’t choose the place to be born, however, I am proud to be “Santiaguenia”.

Santiago del Estero is the beginning of Argentina, too. It was the first city founded by the Spanish conquers and from this place many exploratory expeditions started to found another cities. For that reason, Santiago got the nickname of “Mother of the Cities” (Madre de Ciudades).

Santiago del Estero was founded on July 25, 1553 by Francisco de Aguirre. He named the city “Santiago” after “Apostle Santiago”, the patron of Spain who travelled from Jerusalem to Spain to preach and convert people to Christianity, and “Del Estero” because of the enormous quantity of marsh that he found in his way during the expedition.

Santiago is the oldest city of Argentina and it will be 455 years old next July, 25.

Where is Santiago? You might wonder.

Santiago is located in the north of Argentina. It lies on the Dulce River and on National Route 9, at a distance of 1,042 km north-northwest from Buenos Aires.

Santiago is very wellknown because of the hot weather in summer, the “siesta” and the “chacarera”.

If you are planning to visit Santiago, I suggest coming in winter. Summer could be dangerous due to the temperature reach 45 celsius degrees. It is said that Santiago is so hot that you can fry eggs on the earth! Hahaha. However, winter is an special season. You will have sunny days and a lovely temperature to enjoy outside activities.

Apart from the weather, Santiago is famous because of the “siesta”. “Santiaguenios” like to take a nap in the middle of the day. Between 1pm and 5 pm all the shops are closed and the people of the city take a rest. They are not lazy as everybody think, they are just recharging their batteries for the rest of the day.

Hot Summer, Siesta and… “Chacarera”! The “Chacarera” is the traditional music of Santiago. Its melody is full of guitar, violin and “bombo” sounds and its lyrics reflects the history of the city, the costums of its citizens, and the “nostalgia” of the people who left the city and miss their place.

I came back to Santiago after staying 4 months in Toronto, Canada. What a difference! You might think… They are very different cities, no doubt about that…However, Santiago is my home, is the place where I go to find peace, simplicity and protection. Santiago is where I seek refuge from the daily problems, from the scary world and the frightening globalization.

Santiago is my umbilical cord and is what keep me grounded.

Santiago is where eveything began that is why wherever I'll go or wherever I'll live, there will never be a place on earth like my "Santiago Querido".

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